The dark side of Microsoft Remote Procedure Call protocols

What is MSRPC?

  • What binary was used to execute this method?
  • What if an environment doesn’t have great network telemetry?
  • How do defenders know how to relate activity back to the originating MSRPC protocol?


Protocol name

Interface UUID

Server binary


ATT&CK relation

Indicators of activity (IOA)

Prevention opportunities


Useful resources

How can I use this?

  • Increase visibility into this overlooked data source. Right now, there aren’t great RPC-explicit optics outside of network sensors. If an analyst runs across a binary communicating with many pipes that correlate to MSRPC protocols that expose methods allowing for enumeration, this project will help them confirm that someone is leveraging X protocol to achieve Y action.
  • Educate users about specific protocols. MSRPC to ATT&CK can be used like an encyclopedia, with comprehensive context about specific protocols and links to other relevant resources.
  • Compile all preventative measures in one place. Preventive measures are shared across Microsoft’s documentation, Twitter, and other miscellaneous tooling people have released. I wanted to collect all of that information and highlight specifics for the protocol of interest. If an organization decides not to take any of the preventive measures I mention, defenders may still gain insight into future detection opportunities.

Sr. Threat Researcher @ RedCanary

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Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson

Sr. Threat Researcher @ RedCanary

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